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Corporate Sponsorship

Most of us want to help the community in some small way. You can help us help the next generation.

Red Frogs UK offers you an opportunity to be a part of making a tangible contribution to today's youth by providing genuine hope and support to the future of our nation.

Be a part of giving genuine hope to the next generation.

#Ways you can help


Financial contributions

Give a meaningful donation to resource direct relief for a young person.
(Tax deductible)


Resource assistance

From merchandise and stationery to printing, accommodation, transportation and multimedia.


Product donation

Discount vouchers, doughnuts, icy poles, pancake shakers, cups, volunteer catering - the list goes on!

#Corporate Fundraising

Make a real difference for your community.

You and your organisation have the potential to raise vital funds through a corporate fundraising appeal. Just like this SBL All-Stars game, you can get creative and make a real difference for your community and your young people.

#sponsorship opportunities

Resource Sponsorship

Red Frogs have various resources, signage and shoulder bags that are used for our programs throughout the year. We would love you to leverage this opportunity to get logo and brand exposure to thousands of young people in the 17-30 age bracket.

University Program Sponsorship

Find out how you can partner with us to support University programs, and reach thousands of young people across the UK.


If one of these opportunities interests you, or you have something else in mind, we would love to hear from you!

Together, we can impact the next generation.

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